Gastronaut Design Studio


Launching delicious brands to new heights.


Gastronaut creates branding and packaging that people instinctively bond to. Our twenty years design experience equips us to take the DNA of well loved brands and launch them to greater heights of success. Our disciplined approach to research allows us to anticipate waves of color, texture, and type styling, and my talent for development through press check allows me to deliver delicious packaging that people reach for first. 

Elevate your brand! Reach out: Marilee Sweeney, Brand Strategy 503.719.1976 //

 Mural art for AIGA Openhaus

Mural art for AIGA Openhaus

Building community is at the core of all our work. We donate ten percent of our design time each month to AIGA Portland, designing and producing the AIGA Design Week PDX event. We also collaborate with League of Women Designers to cross-pollinate ideas with women the Portland design community.

Photos by Nola Logan & Kevin Hart.


 Branding & Concept Development

Packaging & Print Design

Menu Design

Photoshoot Art Direction 


Client:League of Women Designers Portland

'Marilee so graciously volunteered her time to produce promotional materials for a gallery show put on by the League of Women Designers last spring. Not only was she easy to work with, she also went above and beyond to get local donations for the event. She produced a beautiful take-away and managed the entire process with the print vendors seamlessly!' -Emily Steen,  League of Women Designers Facilitator

Client:Gaviña Coffee

'Gaviña Coffee is a major specialty coffee roaster that has a proud history going back almost 50 years in this country, and 90 years before that in Cuba. Marilee started about a year before me so it was a pleasure to see her gradually update and transform our brands. I think the quality of our image matches the inherent quality of our coffees and I know we have Marilee to thank for that.' -Jeff Durbin, C.F.O at Gaviña Coffee

Client:Z & R Design/ Marc Jacobs Beauty

'I reached out to Marilee as a consultant based on her strength Art Directing photoshoots. Her instagram feed had a beautiful lifestyle photography that I loved and I brought her in to develop fresh social media content for a key client. I found her creative collaboration to be helpful, her work style to be organized and helpful, and the end result helped me win new business. Our work together gained my client over 7,000 new likes, and Marilee’s help achieving this on a short timeframe was invaluable. My experience working with Marilee was very good and I will definitely collaborate with her on projects in the future.'
-Zlata Nikonovskaya, Principle at Z & R Design

Client:Nola Logan Photography

'Marilee is a DREAM to work with. She went above and beyond what was expected during our collaboration. I originally sought out Marilee because I had heard of the unique and beautiful work she had done as a member of the LWD community. We worked closely on developing my personal brand in a timely manner and my experience of working with Marilee was exactly what I was looking for. She basically read my mind! I would not just recommend her for a personal project but as a major asset to any design team.' -Nola Logan, Photographer

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